31 décembre 2012

Trini Lopez - If I Had A Hammer (original 45 rpm)

+ de 50 ans
  ce 45trs est unique en France en 1963 Importé par un ami stuwart  ramené des Etats Unis diffusé dans une disco pour Djeuns des Champ's Elysée
 Mais prêté aux animateurs de  l'émission SALUT LES COPAINS
 Europe 1......
 2semaines aprés  c'est devenu le succès européen que vous connaissait !!

Original 45 rpm from 1963. The famous live version, recorded at PJ's in Hollywood, California.

PJ's was a jazz nightclub in the 1960's, managed by Elmer Valentine before he left to found the Whiskey A Go Go. Many performers played and recorded live there aside from Trini Lopez, including the Bobby Fuller Four, Rufus Thomas, and The Standells. Lopez was 'discovered' playing there by record producer Don Costa, who was famous for his work with Frank Sinatra, and signed Lopez to his and Sinatra's newly-founded record label, Reprise Records. In 1966, PJ's was bought by mafia figures Eddie Nash and Dominic Lucci. In 1972, Nash bought out Lucci and renamed the place The Starwood Club. As the music scenes changed, it became a venue for starting the careers of many punk, new wave, and heavy metal bands, including Black Flag, The Go-Go's, The Circle Jerks, The Knack, W.A.S.P. (known at the time as Circus Circus), X (Billy Idol's old band), Motley Crue, The Motels, Quiet Riot, Van Halen, The Runaways, and many more. It was closed down by the city in 1981 for too many citations of underage drinking and noise complaints. Many Nash-owned properties during this time had suspiciously caught fire, and the Starwood was no exception, although not burning completely. It was eventually torn down, and a mini-mall was bulit on its location.

Brocante Vincent Auriol 75013 Paris