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25 décembre 2013

Crosby, Stills & Nash (and Young) at Bridge School Benefit Concert 26/10/2013


Crosby, Stills & Nash (and Young) at Bridge School Benefit Concert  26/10/2013

A great acoustic show from beginning to end. Neil opens with several songs then does a few more with various guests. Graham joins Elvis Costello on one of his and finally CSNY perform.

The songs included here are:

01. Blowin' In The Wind (Neil Young)
02. Heart Of Gold (Neil Young)
03. Comes A Time (Neil Young)
04. King Midas in Reverse (Graham Nash w/ Elvis Costello)
05. Out On The Weekend (Neil Young w/ Jack Johnson)
06. Harvest Moon (Neil Young w/ My Morning Jacket)
07. I Dreamed A Neil Young Song (Arcade Fire w/ Neil Young)
08. Just A Song Before I Go (CSNY)
09. Human Highway (CSNY)
10. Don't Want Lies (CSNY)
11. Singer Without A Song (CSNY)
12. What Are Their Names (CSNY)
13. Déjà Vu (CSNY)
14. Long May You Run (CSNY)
15. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (CSNY)
16. Teach Your Children (CSNY w/ all artists)


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