18 octobre 2006

LONG WALK HOME by Jack Flak, LWW TodayFrom The Neil Young Archives, Volume 3:Long Walk Home Neil Young & Crazy Horse 1986Look here: quicktime / windowsmedia
The president says that it’s time to legalize secret prisons around the world, run by our CIA. Traditional American values say that is not right. But we do need to be vigilant. We the people have an opportunity to stand up to the terror around us, and also to the undoing of the national fabric. We have the power and the right to preserve our way of life for generations to come. Will we let congress back the legalization of terror torture camps around the world? If this country is in such grave danger that we need all these illegal things that the president has done to be legalized retroactively, if our very way of life is threatened by “fascist” terrorists in Iraq, if we need to defeat them there to stop them from coming here, then why does the president not call for the draft to be reinstated? Would that not be the logical solution for the situation the president says we are in? Our military generals tell us we are under-manned and stretched to the limit. However, even talk of a draft now would ensure that our Republican incumbents would lose the elections. This begs one more question. Does this mean soldiers who are returning to Iraq for the third and fourth time might have been replaced by fresh troops had it not been for the political fallout of the draft? Are our troops in harms way for three and four tours in Iraq for political reasons? We all want to fight terrorism. Why do the same 150 thousand troops have to do it over and over again? It is a long walk home.


REVUE DU SON 1964/1968